The IFW Advantage

  • The Inertia Friction Welding spindle features a unique design that maximizes bearing life and minimizes spindle run-out while offering the greatest possible efficiency with respect to rotational friction and reliability of performance.

  • The two front spindle bearings shown in the photo directly above feature a matched set of angular contact ball bearings, while the rear bearings feature a set of four angular contact ball bearings.  Both the front and rear bearings are high precision bearings and have been permanently lubed at original assembly to require no further lubrication.

  • All bearings use a non-metallic separator cage between the balls to minimize shock loads.  These shock loads can exist during two phases of the weld cycle.  One, when the rate of spindle acceleration is great; and two, when the rate of spindle deceleration is greatest at the point of weld solidification.

  • The spindle shift and housing are designed and manufactured to very close tolerances to take advantage of the high precision bearing design resulting in the closest possible alignment tolerance between the welding components.

  • The Inertia Friction Welding hydraulic reservoir shown directly above is a fully self-contained unit on which the hydraulic pumps, motor, and controls are located.  This single reservoir contains all the oil supply to run the entire machine.

  • The hydraulic pumps that are used for the Friction Welder are the highest quality in the industry.  In this double pump system the low pressure/low volume pump supplies oil primarily to the tooling circuits on the welder.  The high pressure/high volume pump supplies oil primarily to the slide and thrust cylinders.

  • The output oil from each pump is filtered before reaching all primary system components and again on all returning oil to the main reservoir.

  • All Inertia Friction Welding hydraulic systems are manufactured to the latest JIC, ISO and NFPA specifications.

  • All Inertia Friction Welding hydraulic systems feature a "Two Year No Leak Guarantee" from Parker Fluid Power.

Inertia Friction Welding
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