IFW and Parker Provide
A Leak-Free Guarantee
The Genuine Parker Parts program provides customers with a cooperative evaluation of existing systems, design implementation, state-of-the-art Dry Technology engineering and training, and Parker's exclusive three-year leak-free warranty.
Parker specialists equip your system with top-quality elastomeric seal fittings.  Together, we will work to reduce leak paths and the overall number of connections in your circuitry.  Parker can improve your system's performance and appearance, simplify maintenance and save you time and money.
The Seal-Lok O-ring face seal fitting has over 10 years of proven leak-free reliability, Seal-Lok fittings exceed SAE vibration tests and withstand two-times assembly torque.  You get simple, clean, quick and efficient fluid connections every time.
  • Easy to assemble:  Finger-tighten the nut, then give the wrench one short pull.  Seal-Lok is sealed.
  • Machined square-cut grooves keep O-rings in place during installation.
  • Thread lengths have been increased 1-1/2 threads for greater holding and sealing capability.
  • Patented flanging process eliminates a leak path and exceeds performance requirements.

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