Inertia Friction Welding (IFW), a division of SSD® Control Technology, Inc. (SSD®) was founded in 1994 as Inertia Friction Welding, Inc., for the purpose of manufacturing friction welding and other types of special machines. In January of 2002, SSD® and Inertia Friction Welding, Inc. merged and IFW became a division of SSD®.

IFW is recognized as a technology leader in the inertia welding and friction welding industry. IFW was able to find its niche in the market by providing fast deliveries, innovative control systems, user-friendly software, and excellent service. IFW offers a complete line of true friction welding systems, hybrid friction welding systems, and inertia friction welding systems. All sales, engineering, manufacturing, and service are conducted from the same SSD® location.

IFW and SSD® have combined to provide equipment and engineering solutions to a wide range of customers, including automotive, aerospace, vinyl extruders, and vinyl fabricators. IFW and SSD® ‘s innovative design and engineering efforts have also yielded patents that reflect their talent and long-term commitment to their respective industries